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The Phattest Blog of The Year: Final Week of College Football Challenge


Last week had a few mild upsets and came close to having some major drama.  This week is full of rivalry games, but how many represent a legitimate chance at high point values?  Better yet, what even odds games have the best chances at 200 or 300 points? Keep reading for Dr. Jason Senkbeil’s expert advice aka your best shot at winning a Phat Scooter!

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Week 12: Read this and go to Vegas

There were ten potential upsets last week, but as expected only one hit. Wake somehow managed to beat NC State on the road. Most of the participants hit one to two 200 point values mixed with a few 100 pointers producing very modest scores last week. This week is the calm week before rivalry showdown weekend next week. That means we have several opportunities to break the 2875 point upset record when Old Dominion beat Va Tech.

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GoodBookey Charity Spotlight: American Cancer Society

Sometimes when you look at a seemingly ubiquitous charity behemoth like the American Cancer Society, you find that there’s so much more to know than you realized.

The ACS, founded 105 years ago by ten doctors and five laypeople in New York City, has perhaps had the biggest impact on cancer research and the advance of treatments of any single entity except the US government. Continue reading