NCAA Football: Week 4 Picks & Predictions

Last Week in Review By Dr. Senkbeil

Last week was interesting but not very successful at 7-7-1.  Vegas lines were accurate with many half point hooks at 7.5 or 14.5 snagging people.  Let’s see if 3 weeks of data starts to answer more questions, but after perusing the available lines I do not see a lot of meat on the bones for this week.

Stats from Football Outsiders S&P

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NCAA Football Week Two: Where Will Your Bets Be?

NCAA Football Week Two: Where Will Your Bets Be?

Week one is over and we’re moving on to week two’s 15-team parlay with Dr. Senkbeil. How did your predictions do?

Last Week in Review

Heres a little note from Dr. Senkbeil himself!

OUCH! What an awful first week of picks. 6 – 11 is the worst I have ever performed, but many weird things happened, like aTm vs. UCLA and Howard with the largest point spread upset in history. Something was in the air.  Many of the lines in the games I picked tilted even farther in the direction of my pick before game time.

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Week One: 15-Team Parlay with Dr. Senkbeil

Week One: 15-Team Parlay with Dr. Senkbeil

Dr. Jason Senkbeil is back! This time with NCAA Football 🏈

Who Is Dr. Senkbeil?

Dr. Senkbeil is a climatologist and meteorologist in the Department of Geography at the University of Alabama. Having always loved sports, he is a College Football and College Basketball Superfan.  In his spare time, he reads about sports analytics and statistical trends, sometimes finding common ground with weather forecasting. Dr. Senkbeil will be sharing the Parlay 15 games each week for the NCAA Football season. See his picks below!

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Mayweather vs. McGregor: Place a Knockout Bet on GoodBookey

Mayweather vs. McGregor: Place a Knockout Bet on GoodBookey

Guess what! The Mayweather vs. McGregor fight is available on our app to bet on! The best part? The money goes to the charity of your choice!

Why Does This Fight Matter?

Mayweather came out of retirement for this fight! Connor McGregor, typically a MMA fighter, is 11 years younger than the undefeated boxing champion.  A challenge of this scale is HUGE for UFC boxing. It’s even speculated that this fight will break the pay-per-view record of four million buys from the 2015 Mayweather vs. Pacquiao match.

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Charity Spotlight: Well Constructed

Well Constructed

This week, Goodbookey’s spotlight is shining on Well Constructed!

Charity Spotlight: Well Constructed

What Does Well Constructed do?

Well Constructed aims to enable community development by providing clean drinking water to as many people as possible.​ They partner with local communities and contractors to build wells and establish well maintenance programs in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

How Did Well Constructed Start?

Google’s Nathan Rogers was attending Santa Clara University when he began working on a project aimed at creating an affordable, safe, sustainable, and scalable building design for people in rural regions of Ghana. While in Ghana he met Rashed who was building a tourism business and partnering with international organizations to build wells in his community. In 2015, with the help of many generous friends, Well Constructed was founded.

Well Constructed’s Impact

Rogers and Anaba have worked to bring down the cost of each well to $3,000, a 25 percent reduction in cost, from what was already a much lower price than many similar sized nonprofits are paying. Since the two men are self-sustained economically, every dollar that’s raised directly funds the construction of new wells. Active since 2015, 17 wells have been built and over 13,000 people now have access to clean water.

What You Can Do

Because every donation makes an impact!

  • $10- Provides clean water to 3 people in need.
  • $100- Provides clean water to 30 children, enabling them to be in class longer, without having to walk miles to fetch water.
  • $3,000- Builds a well that can support a community of 500 to 1,500 people for years to come.
  • Shop Amazon Smile- Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of items you buy. That adds up quick!
  • Place a GoodBookey bet and select them as your charity!

We are so happy to support such a meaningful, impactful cause! Make sure you place your next GoodBookey bet for Well Constructed.

Charity Spotlight: Vs. Cancer

GoodBookey is happy to shine light on our charity partner, Vs. Cancer!

What Does Vs. Cancer Do?

Vs. Cancer empowers athletes, sports teams, and community members to help children with cancer by fundraising. During the fundraising process, the foundation works with each sports team to identify something specific they want to fund. This includes helping to add personnel, decorate inpatient rooms, or fund research grants. In addition to fundraising, the foundation links teams to hospitals so that athletes can spend quality time directly with the children undergoing treatment.

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